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Thread: BUG: Preset with colon in name cannot be renamed and name will be truncated (OS X)

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    BUG: Preset with colon in name cannot be renamed and name will be truncated (OS X)

    If you create a preset with a colon in it, the preset's name will be truncated and only kept what is AFTER the colon. After that, you cannot rename the preset.

    1. Create a preset and name it so that it will contain a colon. Eg: "Pencil S:50%". Here I used "S:50%" indicating that the softness is 50%.
    2. When you save the preset, only "50%" will appear in the preset palette list. The "Pencil S:" is cut off.
    3. Right click the preset to rename it.
    4. Rename it to whatever name you like, but this time do not include a colon. Eg: "Pencil Fun".
    5. You won't be able to rename the preset. It still keeps the "50%" name. You will get a dialog box at this point prompting if you want to edit the file name manually because ArtRage cannot rename the file.
    6. Click "Edit". Nothing happens.
    7. The only thing you can do is to delete the preset with the name "50%" and re-save it as a preset with a different name.

    If it's an OS related issue (eg, you cannot have colons in a file name), the preset name should probably be filtered as I type, so I won't be able to type in characters that are not allowed.

    ArtRage: 4.0.4
    Mac OS X: 10.8.4
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    Yes that's an OS X system thing I think. Macs just doesn't like you using colons in any file/folder names anywhere, ever!
    These are some of the options I usually go for in similar naming situations elsewhere on my Mac, though I've not tried them within AR itself; / - _ = + ~ ? > <
    But even with some of these I've encountered problems then sharing said files/folders with Windows users on Dropbox as Windows is even more restrictive about using special characters in names it seems.
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