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    Question Camtasia Recorder Problem


    Just a quickie, not a problem actually, but I wanted to record a youtube video using Camtasia recorder program and I ran into an issue ; ArtRage becomes unresponding while recording screen ('lock to application' mode), all I can do is pan the view and select brushes, but can't paint, cant adjust, or anything else.

    Anyone else having this problem? ...or with any other recording software? I love Camtasia just because I can upload my vids straight on to youtube in HD... So far, I haven't had any recording issues with camtasia (I record PS vids, corel painter vids, zbrush vids, gaming, all kinds of things...)

    Thanks, - Mike

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    I've never used Camtasia, so I can't say why it's causing you a problem. I do know that a few forum members here have mentioned using it in the past, without issue. It might be specific to your system, but it's just speculation. Personally, I've never had any difficulties with the CamStudio program. It only does recording though, not having all of the special editing features Camtasia has.
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