We've been made aware of an issue with the Color Sampler in ArtRage for iPad 1.6 that can affect canvas and panel responsiveness after a manual sample is done.

A fix has been submitted to the App Store already and we hope that it will be approved shortly, but while it goes through the approval process here are some notes on how you can work around the problem:


When you manually turn on the sampler using the sample button at the bottom of the screen and sample a colour, two things can occur:

  1. After the color sample drag is complete, the sampler is not deselected.
  2. After you manually deselect the sampler by tapping the sampler button again, panels do not open.

Workaround 1. Turn on Tap and Hold Sampling.

The problem only occurs when using the manual sampler button. Turn on Tap and Hold sampling and use that method to sample and you won't experience the problem.

To Turn on Tap and Hold Sampling:
  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPad (the one with a cog in the icon).
  2. Scroll down the list of items on the left to locate ArtRage and tap it.
  3. On the right you should see ArtRage settings - Turn on the Tap and Hold option in the Color Sampling section.

To Sample Colors:

When Tap and Hold sampling is on, tap and hold down on the screen without moving your finger and after a short pause the color sampler will appear. Drag to the color you want then release. At this point the sampler will be deselected and you can continue painting.

Workaround 2: Tap to reset the panels.

If you use the manual sampler button as described in the symptoms above and find that the sampler does not deselect itself, tap the sampler button again to deselect it. After that point if you find that panels will not open, paint a stroke or tap on the canvas. This resets the system and should allow panels to open again correctly.