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Thread: Canvas positioner

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    Canvas positioner

    1. Would be nice to be able to reset the canvas properties (scale, rotation, etc) from within the canvas positioner as opposed to going to the menu.

    2. Would be nice to have an option to carry out canvas property changes from the origin of the canvas positioner. Eg, the center of the canvas positioner would mark the center point where zooming and rotation would originate from. This way, I could place the positioner towards the top left of the canvas and zoom into that position; or rotate from that position as opposed to always from the center of the canvas.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding the first item, you can currently do that by alt clicking in the appropriate area of the canvas positioner

    Reset scale - alt click on the magnifying glass
    Reset rotation - alt click on the arrow at the top ( 0 degress )
    Reset panning - alt click on the four way panning arrow
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