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Thread: BUG: Wrong delete key interpreted for keyboard shortcut? (Mac)

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    BUG: Wrong delete key interpreted for keyboard shortcut? (Mac)


    Just installed AR 4.0.4. I use a Mac with the extended USB keyboard (w/the numeric keypad). On this keyboard there are two delete keys. One is just below the eject key (and above the backslash key). On a windows keyboard, this is usually the "Backspace" key.

    The other delete key is in the group that is between the "standard" keys and the numeric keys, above where the cursor keys are, and this delete key has a small marking, kind of like a right pointing arrow.

    In AR, I setup a keyboard shortcut using Cmd+Delete to use to clear the layer. When I setup this shortcut, I use the delete key that is part of the "standard" keyboard set (right below the eject key and above the backslash key).

    However, when I try to use this keyboard shortcut, it does not react to this delete key that I pressed. It reacts to the "other" delete key, which is above the arrow keys (in the column between the standard keys and the numeric keys).

    Just for reference, this is the keyboard I'm using:

    Not sure why is this. Is this a bug maybe?

    Mac mini - late 2012
    OS X 10.8.4
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    Hi pentool
    If it's any comfort to you it's not just your keyboard this happens on!
    I tried setting cmd+Delete as the "Clear Layer" shortcut on my MacbookPro some time back and found it wouldn't work.
    Like you I'm not sure if it's a bug or that maybe for some technical reason that key combination is just not permitted in AR
    I'm sure though someone will enlighten us soon!
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