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Thread: Glow-y affect?

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    Glow-y affect?

    Can someone please tell me how to make a glowing affect similar to this >> Click image for larger version. 

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    The closest I've gotten is a glitter and gloop pen mixture, but it still won't look right...

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    Trial and error. It's a fun process because it's free and loose.
    If you're looking for how it was originally done, it looks like wet into wet Dr Martin Dyes or water color with flecks of bleach or salt. So it was free and loose there. Be free and loose with ArtRage as well or you might find it a mere chore, much the same as if you were trying to reproduce the wet into wet effect with a brush or a pencil. The free, spontaneous technique is what creates the character.

    In ArtRage, it's also a spontaneous bit of messing around. Some tools are:

    Do each color on a different layer with whatever markmaking tool you want. Airbrush is good.
    Pull down menu: Edit/Blur
    Palette knife to drag the layer color around and then blur it to soften again.
    Erase soft setting
    Change opacity

    As to stars, do it also on a separate layer. And it's not a setting on the glitter tool, though it does something like it. In this case it looks like the white was integrated as part of the spontaneous bleeding wet into wet. You can experiment with that as well. Stars are tricky. I mean you can spray stars in but they will be white dots usually, unless you mess around a bit. Since these stars have unique character, I personally would put a few key ones in and make them look good and integrated as if done with a similar technique.

    Layers have modes that are not predictable exactly, tho generally, like multiply, lighten etc. And so you get to play and look at the result. Keep what you like and kill what you don't. You can experiment and you're never wasting paper and supplies with ArtRage.

    Have fun with it. And I hope you have the freedom to be inspired by the source photo and be okay with what you get if it generally fits the bill. It's generally filling space as a backdrop for the pony. I assure you, the original background artist looked at it like that. Enjoy it. This kind of thing is play time.
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    What version of ArtRage are you using?
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    Sometimes using the eraser tool, especially if you have a white canvas under the painting and using the soft erase setting can give a glowing effect. You might want to experiment with it. If you have used heavy dark paint strokes with stiff bristles, the eraser will give an interesting effect. Give it a try.
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