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Thread: Perspective Rig ?

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    Perspective Rig ?

    Manga Studio 5 and Painter 13 now come with this handy tool. In Manga Studio it comes with 1, 2 and 3 point perspective options, can be dragged wherever you want to set it up and any lines drawn while it is on screen conform to the vanishing point chosen. In Painter 13 I read that is also the case but that this constraint can be turned off.

    This could be a very useful tool if implemented in ArtRage with the same ethos of user friendly environment that has lifted it above the likes of Painter as first choice to go to for me.
    I say that because I note that Painter has also introduced a reference panel not dissimilar to ArtRage's but from what I've seen, implemented in a far less user friendly way to AR - which really diffuses its appeal.

    Just wondering if a perspective rig like this might become an option - an addition to the rulers that are already so great?
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    I'd like to see some type of perspective grid implementation too. For me, the tools locking to it wouldn't be necessary, but I wouldn't mind seeing that, too (as long as it was an optional feature). My main yearn would be getting an easy to manipulate grid system, where I can set up multiple vanishing points along a horizon. I like using the rulers and have come up a few methods using stickers and the new symmetry feature to help me along, but I'd imagine a system set up specifically for it would be a nice time saver.
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    the perspective tools in mangastudio 5 are really good, it would be really great to have something like that in artrage too....

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    Agreed. Manipulate-able perspective grids are exceptionally useful. Being able to have lines snap to it is fantastically quick and useful for sketching out the basics of a scene. Then being able to turn off the "snap" but have grid still in place as a reference-- that would be great. 1, 2, 3 point perspective. I agree. This is a good idea that seems like it ought to be doable, compared to some of the brush dynamics I'd like to see, but aren't yet available.
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    Yes, ArtRage could do with a perspective tool like in...

    Yes, ArtRage could do with a perspective tool like in Painter X3. Still I find Google SketchUp to be the best for me.

    And yes, Painter now has got a reference image tool, just like in ArtRage. Maybe it is not that user friendly as AR, but I don't care about that, since I can open multiple documents in Painter, as many as I want, for reference or for copying and pastin or for cloning or tracing...that has always been an option in Painter.

    Still, a good perspective tool as a complement to the great rulers woud be useful in AR!
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    If the perspective tools were more like those in Manga Studio 4. MS 5's grids are a pain to work with and lack a lot of the flexibility of v.4. In v.4 each separate VP could be given a different user-chosen color. V. 5 doesn't. V.4 's grid was from the VP onward. In v. 5 the grid stops abruptly at an seemingly arbitrary distance from the VP. I could do a lot of fancy perspective things, like multiple VPs, diagonal VP (great for repeating non-square objects!). Good luck in making them in v. 5. The thing I liked best about MS 4 was that the grid was simple, no frills it was on or off, the distance between lines was adjustable in an understandable way, not the WTF way it is in v. 5.

    Just my opinion.

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    Lightbulb Perspective tool workaround

    You can find a perspective grid on line or draw a custom one with a ruler and use it as a layer to guide your wok, moving it up or down in the layer stack as needed.

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