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Thread: Painting is upside down

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    Painting is upside down

    When I view painting in gallery it is right side up. When I tap on the painting it rotates 180 degrees. How can I continue painting in the direction I began? Thanks for any help.

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    Paintings in the gallery are displayed at their 'actual' orientation (digital images have an 'up' direction that doesn't change). When you open the painting it's supposed to open in the correct orientation for your device currently unless its aspect is different. For example, if you are holding your iPad in Landscape mode (long edge horizontally) and you open a Portrait aspect painting (long edge vertical) then the painting will appear on its side because the canvas fits itself to the device.

    If the painting flips when you open it, rotate the iPad so it's the right way up and you can keep painting, the actual image is still the right way up regardless of how you rotate the device.

    It's possible that there's a problem causing the canvas to incorrectly orient itself, we'll look in to that, but the painting itself will still be fine.
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