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Thread: Is there a way to save selection?

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    Question Is there a way to save selection?

    Hi, I'm very new at this

    I'd like to know if there's a way of saving selected area for further use. Everytime I reload my work, I have to reselect all. That is too much of work for me. In photoshop, you could save various selections, and load them later on..

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    Lightbulb I don't think there is but...

    I don't think there is but... here is a trick.

    Make your painted "selections" in a separate layer, drawing distinct colours by blocking in the separate areas to be painted.. I Always use the Pen Tool to block in the areas. The pen tool gives a flat, solid colour that is needed for easy selecting. After blocking in all areas, use the "Magic Wand" to select the area to paint or work on. The "Selection Layer" is hidden while painting, but visible while selecting. This way you don't need many layers or maskings (stencils), just one single paint layer, one line art layer and one selections layer.

    Just like in my simple piece of "art"..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok cool

    Ok cool ! That helped me alot !! Thanks

    I also found a vid on the same theme

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    Another thing you can do is is 'create stencils from layer content' - using the drop down menu, bottom left on the layer marker on the layer palette. It's then possible to save the stencil to load again, next time you open ArtRage.

    This assumes that you have things separated out onto layers of course. If it's not something you normally do - maybe think about it for future images with the stencils option in mind?
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