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Thread: Looking for someone who can draw water splashes (the white foam part)

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    Looking for someone who can draw water splashes (the white foam part)

    I am drawing a silly photo for my friend, its 2 people camping & I just added a river. I am using my ipad so I cant upload it, however here is the reference photo I used (this photo was not made in artrage though) I circled the part I am talking about.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So if anyone knows a technique to create this effect (the effect of water hitting rocks, causing the white splash/foam), if anyone can try doing it, or tell me how? I would be a very happy .... camper .

    (btw I am new to this site, I hope I didnt break any rule =X )

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    White foamy splash of water

    In real painting, you dab on the water splash, so in artrage, you need to go looking for tools that will do the same thing. You can use the oil brush, very small, and set the stiffness up high and just dab. Use white, and then try a few very light blues, purples and greens. Water is reflective, so the splashes will not be pure white. If you have the glitter tube in your version of art rage. Try using white glitter and then blurring it a little bit with either the wet palette knife or the blur palette knife. Keep your palette knife brush small, so it doesn't "splash all over the place. LOL!
    Also, whenever you aren't sure about something, put it on a new layer. So this way, if you don't like it you can clear that layer and keep trying until you get it right. That is much easier than possibly messing up your water, or trying to do too many undos. When you are satisfied with the results, you can flatten it.
    Have fun!

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