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Thread: Sketching a ladies discarded stocking

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    Sketching a ladies discarded stocking

    I am trying to sketch accurately a discarded ladies stocking as part of a digital sketch I am doing the sketch using pencils in artrage. The stocking is fine and I am having great difficulty getting an accurate representation of it. Can anybody suggest the best way to achieve a good likeness..Thanks Stuart

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    Go out for an evening -- a little wine, a little dancing. . . Give the stockings a good work out. Never take your eyes off of them. Observation is the key. Then, this part can be tricky -- get the lady out of them. And this part is even trickier -- start sketching.

    There are lots of different types of stockings and contexts. They could be hanging from a bedpost or crumpled in a heap, sheerness from fishnet to sheer nylons, panty hose, color, condition, is there a seam down the back, are they torn etc. What are you seeing through them? I mean are they doubled over neatly on a bed, or slopped into a heap.

    I'm assuming you are wanting to feature them as a symbol of feminine style like in the classic days, but there are artists who raise the bar as a mechanical workout like doing a jigsaw puzzle or drawing an ice cube or pencil in a glass of water to show what your control and an ability to do something challenging.

    So thematically you have options.

    The easiest way is to work from a photo. Pop the photo into Artrage and trace it and match the rest of the values. The only reason I would recommend that would be to go through it once to see what it's like. Then once you've done a study, you can get creative with the setup.

    I think if you want to show a classy woman, you would have it fairly neatly placed. I don't know how many women wear nylons except in swanky sexy contexts. And believe it or not you can do a very sexy drawing of stockings laying across a bed. It's like a form of body language, only with an object.

    Mechanically, I would approach it by lightly getting in an outline and then doing subdivisions within that contour -- areas where the material is turning and overlapping in pleasing, semi-orderly ways, and it can get to be somewhat abstract within that outline. Think tone. It's all about the values. And don't forget that there is a certain cast shadow that is showing through affecting the inner shapes. . . and you of course have some cast to the side.

    I would look for a simplified image because you can control the orderliness of it where it retains the recognition that it's a stocking.

    KEY: So before you do any drawing, get your model set up nailed down and do your composing at that stage. You are going to have to rely heavily, if not slavishly to the original/model/photo. So put your major effort in establishing the whole thing there. Plan.

    Good luck! Should be great fun for you.

    Hope we get to see her. . .it. . . them.
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    Are you using a reference? If so, may we see it (if there's content in the image not suitable for this forum, please crop that area out, or repost to the "After 9 o'clock" forum area, so we don't offend anyone). When you say it's "fine", do mean to say that the threads are thin and the material appears shear?
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