ArtRage for iPad 1.5.1 has been released to the app store. This resolves a problem that appeared in 1.5.0 with presets not being visible for users who had a previous version of ArtRage installed (for more information see here), and a problem that caused some text items to be invisible on non-Retina iPads. Here's a list of what's new from 1.5.0:

New in this version:

- Added touch and hold color sampler access. Tap and hold still on the canvas to trigger color sampling. Once the color sampler curve appears above your finger you can drag around to sample color from the canvas. Release the drag and the tool you had previously selected is restored.

- Adjusted panel behavior to prevent rogue paint dabs: To close a panel such as settings or samples just tap on the canvas. No paint event is processed until you do a second tap and drag.


- Fixed a problem that could cause landscape paintings not to fit screen dimensions by default when created.

- Adjusted gesture handling during stroke completion to prevent rogue gestures and paint strokes being generated if entered while a previous stroke is being processed.

- Fixed a problem that caused script export not to be available in the Export menu when running in Korean.

- Fixed a problem that could cause the canvas preview to be incorrectly positioned when first opening the New Painting dialog.

- 1.5.1: Fixed a problem that prevented presets being visible for users who updated from a previous version of ArtRage.

- 1.5.1: Fixed a problem that prevent Layer Blend Mode and Edit buttons being visible on the relevant panels for non-Retina iPad users.