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My basic procedure to draw a panel for my webcomic is shown in this image. I take the idea for a given frame and begin with a rough sketch layout to indicate where people, items, etc. will fall within the panel. I keep in mind the placement of dialogue so as not to overlap some key person or thing in a pose with a text balloon. Once I have an initial sketch roughed out I lower the opacity of that layer (to make it less distracting) and create a 2nd sketch layer on top of that one. Here I begin to detail people, etc. inside the panel. Quite often I will even place characters on separate layers so if I mess one figure up I don't have to scrap the entire sketch-it helps to pencil in different characters with a different pencil color sometimes to distinguish one character's arm from another. Once I have the detailed sketch the way I like it, I go onto the inking stage by creating a separate layer for my ink. After the ink comes color and highlight/shadow/effect layers. I keep all the color layers underneath the ink layer so the black will trap the color and leave no white space jagged edges in my panel. After all the inking and color is done I export the image (make sure to start your new drawing at no lower than 300DPI for good reproduction quality) as a .png and bring it into Illustrator for borders, text and page creation-you may decide to use a different program to construct your finished page but the important thing is, by keeping the various stages on different layers, corrections and modifications to a panel can be done without having to recreate the entire picture.