I really want to make my watercolors and oil painting on ArtRage look like the real deal and print them up on watercolor paper and canvas paper in various odd sizes ( 11x 14 and 10 x 20 or even big) and seal them or frame them or use them as jumping off points for mixed media. I did manage to get preliminary sketches on watercolor paper for floral water colors and it did make it easier than sketching right on the paper because there was not a risk of erasing and wrecking the paper and the ink dissolves nicely unlike pencil, but i had to really bitc*slap my cannon into it and she made it clear that there will be limited choices she will let me make that don't involve her official papers she was made for. But there is thousands of reasons to want to print on watercolor paper, like do the whole painting on art rage, heck what if I want to print on paper I make myself?

I can blow a grand or 2, there has got to be something I can buy out there that will let me print on anything, any size so that all this tantalizing stuff happening on the screen can happen on the wall right? Untill ArtRage I had no interest in computers so forgive my ignorance, everyone I know right now uses their printers for photos and artrage stuff looks great on photo papers but I want more, I guess I want a painting and not just a nice glossy photo of a painting. Thanks.