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Thread: Leap Motion and Art Rage 4

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    Leap Motion and Art Rage 4

    My Leap Motion showed up today. Works similar to drawing with a mouse in Art Rage 4. Any plans to add hover/paint zone support?

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    We will be taking a look at the hardware soon so there's a chance we will be looking at doing some Leap specific input development. I can't say for sure at this point though!
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    Heheheehe! My Leap arrived yesterday, and today I tried it with ArtRage. Just got thick, insensitive lines, and wasn't fully in control of the cursor. Fun, but probably not going to replace my stylus anytime soon. What I'd LOVE, though, is the ability to set up ArtRage specific shortcut gestures. That would rock. Something along the lines of two fingers drawing a circle gives me the ink brush. Three fingers drawing a circle gives me the oil brush. That sort of thing.

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