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Thread: read this on the artrage page on FB

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    read this on the artrage page on FB

    Thoughtful Dandelion the person that wrote this

    Dear Artragers using v4,
    the new layer option "paint lock" doesn't work for me. It should allow painting everywhere except on the already painted area. But it simply locks the whole layer , totally the same as "lock all" other option. Does it work properly for you? Where do I go wrong?

    I pointed her to the manual but he said that she has read it English and Italian and still don't understand it completely Maybe some1 can help her out on FB?

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    I will ask the person who handles Facebook to direct her here or contact us for assistance, we can't manage support on multiple different services. Thanks for letting us know.

    Quick answer though in case they come here: Paint lock prevents any new paint being added to the layer, or changes to existing paint being made.
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    If she wants to paint everywhere but the paint, creating a stencil from the current layer ( right click the layer in the layers panel then choose 'new stencil from layer contents' ) will block out the paint and she can paint everywhere else. Paint lock isn't intended to do that, it's intended to completely lock out the ability to paint on that layer. This is different from transparency lock where you can paint on existing media but not outside, and lock position which prevents you from being able to move or scale contents on the layer.

    Lock all prevents all of the above, so you can't paint or move layer contents.
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