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Thread: What is wrong with ArtRage's export quality?!?!

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    Exclamation What is wrong with ArtRage's export quality?!?!

    whenever i try to export my paintings they turn up with this really BAD quality, although i've already set the JPEG quality from AR preferences to 100%
    how do i fix this?!! i use AR 3 btw :c

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    JPG is a compressed format that sacrifices image quality for file size. 100% jpg still won't give you perfect lossless quality. If you want perfect quality I'd recommend exporting in png format instead, which is also compressed but doesn't reduce image quality in the process.

    If you believe there's a specific problem you're welcome to email me an image that you have exported in jpg format with a description of the problem you're seeing as well as a png copy so I have a lossless copy to compare it to. The email address is
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    That's weird that you get low quality. I regularly draw pictures that are 2900 x 1722 at 150 DPI, and I print them as A0 posters. (That's about the same size as a door.) And the quality is perfect.

    I have a feeling you need to set your DPI value to 150 or 300. You're probably working at 72 DPI, and you probably have a low pixel count in your canvas settings.

    Try my settings, and do a trial print. I'm willing to bet your problem will be solved.

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    Yeah, the quality I get out of AR4 exports is pretty good - but I would echo the recommendations of upping the DPI, and pumping out either PNG or TIF.

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