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Thread: Suggestion for future upgrade

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    Suggestion for future upgrade

    AR4: I really enjoy using the perspective tool. Some things though do not accept perspective: Text, Stickers, would be nice to use this tool on everything.

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    Hi Tonyjazz,
    You'll be pleased to know then that it is possible to use the perspective tool in AR4 with Text and the Sticker Spray tool now!
    For it to work though you will need to "Flatten" them first.
    For text, in the Layers Panel click on the small top right box with the letter 'T' on it and choose 'Flatten to Paint'. Now you can transform it the same as any other painted element.
    With Stickers, use them with 'Auto Flatten' turned On which will allow you to transform them later.
    If you do use them with it 'Off' you can still use the Transform tool on them later but you will get a dialog window asking if you want to flatten them first to allow transformations.
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    Generally for best results, especially with Text, do them at the largest size it needs to be (or larger) first and then squeeze down the end that will be furthest away to get the perspective. This stops the end closest to you from becoming fuzzy round the edges which can happen sometimes if you enlarge it to much.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Markw, great advice.

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