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Thread: Photoshop brushes

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    Photoshop brushes

    Due to the death of my hdd (r I p ) I was forced to reinstall all my "stuff" including of course Artrage. Painfully re downloading presets,col and so on,found out that non of my photoshop brushes is accepted in Artrage now where before there was no problem at all (with a few exceptions). So i was wondering? is there something i forgot or have to install to let Artrage accept the PS brushes?

    Edit; it seems it is a incompatibility of certain brushes made i suppose just for a certain version of PS
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    ArtRage isn't able to read all Photoshop brushes, as we don't have access to Adobe's internal standards for these. However, you should be able to access any brushes with ArtRage 4 that you used to use with Studio Pro. If you can't, please email me an abr file to and I can take a look at in both versions.
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