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Thread: Jitter, Multiple documents and No Cropping, please!

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    Lightbulb Jitter, Multiple documents and No Cropping, please!

    One great Corel Painter functionality is the "jitter setting" which adds randomness and an organic and natural look to the brushes I use in the artwork. That is my favvo: the jitter.... I'd like to see that in ArtRage too: a "jittering" like the "spread" function in the ArtRage airbrush, but to every ArtRage tool.

    ArtRage would benefit from "Multiple Documents" like in Painter and Photoshop. It is a big help and adds a greater workflow if I can have more that one document open at the same time and easily switch back and fro to get things done at several images whitout having to close and open, close and open, close and open ...

    And no cropping please! If I import a picture and transfom it, it gets cropped. In Painter it remains the original size all the time, even after closing the image file.

    These functions would make ArtRage a much greater painting application.
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    Yesssss! I'd like to second the multiple documents & no cropping suggestions!!
    (I haven't used Painter so can't really speak to the jitter function)

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