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Thread: Art rage pencil tool

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    Art rage pencil tool

    Hi, im quite new to art rage 4 and id like to ask for some help if you can. I'm finding it very difficult to get charcoal like value blending from the tools thus far, the tools ive been using to get the effect are the pencil and the chalk pastel tools. What im looking for is a smooth gradation between values without the streaking and "automatic" (not pen pressure dependent) darkening of value that happens when you go over a previously covered/painted areas. The art rage pencil tool does not respond like a real pencil for example with a h2 pencil when you go over a previously covered area it won't necessarily darken the value unless you increase the pressure. I have tried using layers to work around this issue and have found this to be effective in creating a smooth value blends but at the same time having to create and switch between layers ruins the flow of my drawing. Do any of you know any techniques to get around this that i have not thought about yet? Ive added a picture so you can see what im aiming for.

    Thanks in advance,

    Dane C.

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    Unlike most folks here I'm not a professional or even a decent artist but you can get pencil packs, here is a link that may be of use to you: I hope it helps.

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