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Thread: Stencil from layer - avoiding white paint

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    Stencil from layer - avoiding white paint

    I'm trying to create a stencil for airbrushing (artrage 3.5 on PC) and have used pre-packaged stencils on a white canvas with a combination of black and white paint (maybe that was a newbie mistake and I should have used the eraser...) to draw the new stencil shape I want in black.

    The trouble now is, when I transform the layer to a stencil, of course the stencil gives me the shape of the visible black plus the "invisible" white.

    Is there any way I can transform the layer, or make a new layer, such that only the black is present and so only the visible black is used to create the new stencil?

    Thanks for any help, I'm sure there must be a way but I'm scratching my head trying to find it!

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    Stencils are created from layers by creating a hole in the stencil where paint exists regardless of the colour of the paint. So, using the eraser instead of white paint is the way to get the result you want when you choose to create a stencil from the contents of a layer.

    You could export the layer with the black and white paint to a png file, then load that as a stencil, that should also get rid of the white paint for you. If you do that I'd recommend turning off lighting for the export so that you don't get any lighting effects in your file. To do this, press F5 or click the light bulb under View -> Canvas settings.

    Then open the layers panel, right click the layer you want to use and choose 'export layer'. make sure the format is set to png as this will preserve quality.

    After exporting, you can turn the lighting back on.

    To add your new stencil to your collection, open the stencils panel, select a group you want to put your new stencil in ( or create a new one ) then click 'import stencil' and open your exported png file.

    I hope this helps!
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    That worked a treat! Next time I'll use the easier method and use the eraser.



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