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Thread: "An error occurred on attempting to read/write data from/to a file stream" :(

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    Unhappy "An error occurred on attempting to read/write data from/to a file stream" :(

    Hi everyone. I hope you guys can help me.
    I have ArtRage 3.5.4 Studio that came with my Wacom Bamboo Splash CTL470 which I received recently on Windows 7.

    What happened:

    This is my 2nd every digital drawing and I never finished the first, because it was too ambitious for now.

    It's childish, but I was making my own pokemon and learning the basics of digital art and Artrage when it crashed. I re-opened the file, and it was fine
    but I just had to redo some parts. Then, I added a new layer and saved and then Artrage crashed again. This time, when I re-opened the file
    it gave me the message:

    "An error occurred on attempting to read/write data from/to a file stream"
    "File = liliiesta Layer = 0"
    All I get is a blank canvas with absolutely nothing. No color samples, references or layers. I tried exporting the file but it was also blank.
    I'm really frustrated as I am really new to digital art and art itself. I was so excited to finish this project, as it would be my first finished one.

    PLEASE, someone help me with restoring this issue
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    Unfortunately if you crashed during a save, then the save will not have been able to complete, so the file is damaged because it wasn't all written to disk.

    However, when the painting is saved the first thing we write to disk is a full sized preview, so you may be able to recover that via File -> Import image and importing your painting file.

    If there is enough data in the file to support this the result will be a single layer painting with all of the colour data from your original painting, so you could continue working on a layer above ( add a layer in the layers panel )

    When working in applications where I spend a lot of time on a single document, I find that saving incrementally can be useful as it protects your previous saves e.g. mypainting1.ptg mypainting2.ptg etc. This means you always have the last version you saved.

    If you have any further crashes, please email me at with the details including the size of the painting you were working on and what you were doing at the time and I'll be glad to help.
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    Thank you so much! I imported the file into a new painting, and it worked. Unfortunately the layers are gone but nonetheless I'm so glad
    that I can continue to work on the painting and to know that it isn't lost forever like I thought. (:

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