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Okay, there may be one specific tool somewhere that we can't replicate But *in general*, our blenders offer all the same options as the digital blending tool in most programs.

But the difficulty you have blending might also be more to do with the pencil itself, which uh, is about to improve dramatically. Though, sorry, not sure when it's coming to the Android app, we haven't had a chance to see if it even works there yet

To use these packs on Android:

You can't install them directly, but the tools are almost all exactly the same, especially the palette knife. If you install the pack to a desktop version of ArtRage (e.g. the demo) and copy the settings manually, you can create your own presets. Most of them use the Wet mode, which has a lot of fiddly options, so it definitely helps to have a guide.
I agree....it's ONE tool specifically. Unfortunately, after the pencil's themselves, it's just about THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL, for a pencil sketch artist. As I said... if one is creating in paint or ink, AR is exellent.... and if I were doing that, I WOULD love it.... but, alas, I don't do paint or ink... strictly pencil... so for me... a realistic pencil blend/smudge like a finger, blending stump, or soft cloth, is absolutely essential.