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Thread: Lets try Heeelp!

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    Lets try Heeelp!

    Hi I'm Edward I'm just getting Started and I would like to know if I piggyback Linux on Windows will I be able to use art rage? I would prefer to use Linux as the Boss as Windows doesn't play nice with other OS,es.My god the spell check accepted that!I am one of those people that honestly purchased the C6 back when and now it's either me or Adobe will eat not both of us.I have used G...P for quite a while and while I like it someone told me your stuff is very good. do have a nice week. Hey Adobe Sic semper Tirranis.
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    I'm not a Linux user myself, but are you referring to using the Linux boot menu to select between Linux and Windows on your computer, then launching ArtRage from Windows? I can't think of any problems with that. As long as you are running Windows rather than emulating Windows it should work. If you don't currently own ArtRage, you can also try it out by downloading the demo from Let me know if I've misunderstood.
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