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Thread: [RESOLVED] "Keyboard Shortcuts". How to find specific words inside its main window?

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    Thumbs up [RESOLVED] "Keyboard Shortcuts". How to find specific words inside its main window?

    Hi again!

    Lately I have been modifying a few shortcuts from the main window panel Keyboard Shortcuts

    It is not easy if you don't know for sure in which group of commands it belongs. As the referencies are in a large number, I was not able to find a specific word (scrap). So I was wondering if there is a way of having a "Search" general button inside the Keyboard Shortcuts´s window?

    Meanwhile I would like to find out where SCRAP is inside the keyboard shortcuts, for assigning a key.
    Also I am not able to find where this tool is when using Artrage in the standard mode (I mean without using the new Workbench tool)

    Thank you in advance.
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    A "Scrap" is supplement of the Reference system, so you'll find it in the "Reference Image Commands" group on the Keyboard Shortcuts panel (see left side of the attached screen shot). This also means, when you're using the standard mode for ArtRage (so you're not in Work Bench mode), you'll find the Scrap option on the Reference panel (Titled "Refs"), which you may open by clicking on the "Refs" pod (see right side of the attached image).

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    You again.. hhuuummmm that makes me wonder that you ARE SomeoneSane... No doubt about that

    Now seriously, everything is OK from here.

    Thank you once again!

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