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Thread: [RESOLVED] Crop/Expand Canvas. Using a diferent size canvas as default one.

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    Hi there,

    I would really love to have some help here. I am a bit lost
    Firstly, I want to use a different canvas (sizes) as a default canvas for Artrage.

    I try the following without success:
    Edit → crop/expand canvas → presets → 800x600 → OK. The canvas update to its new size. Then I want it to open as a default canvas, so:
    Right click mouse → canvas settings → on the upper right → use current canvas as a default.
    After this I close Artrage and open it again. The new size is not there.

    Using win7, Artrage 4.04 full version.

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    ArtRage always reverts to the size of your monitor. A trick/workaround for this is to set everything up the way you like it, then save the painting using "File > Save Painting As..." to save the painting as a .ptg file. You can then use the .ptg file as a shortcut for opening the program. Just remember not overwrite the .ptg when you save, and you should be all set.
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    Thank you.

    Nice trick. It worked very well !

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