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    Unhappy Colour management


    I have been using ArtRage Pro for quite a while now and want to get my images printed. The problem is that ArtRage is not colour managed and does not embed a colour profile to the images. This makes it quite difficult to ensure exact colours are printed as they should be.

    I have calibrated my Laptop with a Spyder 3 to help the colour issue; however, I notice that although my exported images are much richer in colour now when still viewed on my laptop, the images that are still in the ArtRage program are different in colour (paler). How can this be, when my laptop has been calibrated? Surely, the images should look the same as they are displayed on the same laptop?

    I have read that some ArtRage users add a colour profile to their images using Photoshop; however, some of us do not have Photoshop. I love using Artrage and do not want to have to buy another computer program just to be able to colour manage my files.

    Can anyone at ArtRage HQ confirm if they are going to add colour profiling/management to ArtRage as it definitely needed. Also can anyone explain why they have not incorporated any colour profiling/management into the program in the first place.


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    I can't answer your question in full (sorry), but I was under the impression that you need a screen capable of displaying "true colours" - you could have calibrated your laptop and it could have helped the issue a little, but if your laptop screen isn't capable of displaying the colours properly you'll never be able to adjust it so the colours appear exactly the same on paper as they do on your screen - even if ArtRage had colour profiling you still wouldn't get the same colours on screen and in print.

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    Thank you for your reply Mirithiar

    Many professional printers have equipment that is fully colour managed. If an image is sent to them with a specific colour profile there is a better chance of the colours being printed near to what they were intended to look like. Perhaps using a laptop is not the best idea but if Artrage had a colour profile which was embedded into each image it would be better for the printing results. As it is, without any colour profiling, it is just guesswork as to what colours will be printed.

    Apparently, Photoshop has colour management and is used by artists just as ArtRage is. Please can we have colour management on ArtRage?

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    Colour management is something we've avoided so far due to the overhead it would add in the blending process and the complexity of getting it right. Colour profile embedding on the other hand is something we have considered and will probably be looking at in the future.
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    Thanks for your honesty.

    I do hope that colour profile embedding is near the very top of your list when it comes to improvements to ArtRage.
    It is really something that is needed!


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