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Thread: I have officially published my 1st book

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    Thumbs up I have officially published my 1st book

    Hi Guys,

    Today is a new day in my life. I am happy to announce:
    I finally finished the final process and now my 1st book has been published. It is in Indie Paperback print or ebook but it takes a while (6-8 weeks) to get out to other bookstores and such. For now it can be ordered at the links below.

    It is of course SciFi ( go figure) lol, with my artworks. So if you enjoy that subject you may want to read it. Wow, this was a very difficult business to learn and just being a writer is hard enough but the effort is definitely well worth it. I have almost finished the 2nd book too. I decided due to publishing costs to only use BW interiors from now on without images, the covers will be full color. This keeps the price lower for the buyers too.

    They are short stories and a book series.
    The next book coming soon is titled:"The Universe vs: Pirates of the Multiverses" Vol 2

    This is Vol 1: "The Universe vs: The Beast of Harmala" Worldwide print/ebook distribution.

    Wish me luck........ I am now a starving Paperback writer and Thanks for any support!!!

    This is the link for the full color printed book: and the cost is $12.95 US or Eq in foreign currency.

    This is the link on Amazon for the ebook: $2.99 also you can read it on a computer/smartphone with a free app.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very cool, Bobby-Ray!

    I hope the sales go well.

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    good news Bobby Ray , congrats and good luck. There was a 60 segment recently about a husband and wife team who started publishing e-books and made it really big... so good luck!..

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    Congratulations Robert! I've just put it on my Kindle now and will start it tonight.

    Well done!

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    Bobby, Best of luck on your new endeavour

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    Great Bobby!!!! Congratulation!!!!

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    Well done Bobbyray, I am so happy for you and hope all goes well with the sales
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    Humongous achievement!!!!! BRAVO YOU!!!!!!!

    May your sails and sales soar!
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    Thanks guys

    Thanks guys,

    I remember all of the forum encouragement and assistance for Barnburner while on his quest to write and publish a book. I really had no idea about the business end of it. I do now. whew. It is nice to actually have published a book and it really is very rewarding personally. There were so many ways to go and options and and and....but in the end it was all figured out and completed. Now I wait for the professional book reviews.....from the Scifi book reviewers.....that is what makes it or breaks it. Time will tell all. Either way it was a major accomplishment for me and I am happy with that alone.

    Now that I have learned the ropes, it will be smooth sailing (no pun intended) lol but sooooo much easier to accomplish and over time produce more in my Scifi series books. They say that the first time, is the hardest;;;; because you are learning but then that never really ends does

    Thanks again to all for your support and friendship as always.

    Hey.....Misterpaint, where did you get that smiley? That is so cool.

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    Congratulations Bobbyray its a fantastic achievement, my husband loves SciFi so will have to go and purchase the e book version. Good luck and happy writing for many years to come.
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