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Thread: Anyway to lock the paper rotation?

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    Anyway to lock the paper rotation?

    Hi ArtRage Community

    I'm new to this amazing software, currently using my windows tablet to learn and draw.

    My question is: every time I want to zoom in and out with fingers, the paper rotate. I don't like the rotation.

    Is there anyway to lock the paper rotation in ArtRage4?


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    How to lock paper rotation

    Click on edit at the top of your screen. Select Artrage preferences and then select input devices. At the bottom of the menu screen deselect "use touch input", (uncheck the box). You will need to restart Artrage for the change to take effect. If you make this change you can no longer change the size by pinching with your fingers but you can change the size by touching the plus or minus symbols at the top and it will prevent the picture from moving around inadvertently.

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    You can also use the canvas mover ( easel icon in your top toolbar ) to resize the canvas. After opening it, drag on the magnifying glass icon to zoom the canvas. You can use the control to independently zoom, pan and rotate the canvas. If you tap the magnifying glass it will reset your zoom level.
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