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Thread: Some help for a new user please

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    Some help for a new user please


    I am a first time user of AR, I am using AR4.4. Infact this is also my first forum post too, I have read through the sticky on the forum relating to installation of shared material but cannot find
    anything relating to AR4.
    My questions are around installation of of downloaded art supplies, I have found the folders titled custom content. Would I be right in thinking that all .col files
    should be loaded into samples folder?

    Can all these samples be loaded so they are available to be be viewed or do they have to be loaded every time I want to use them. I have also downloaded some perspective grids
    I am not sure where they need to be at this time either.

    Thank you for your valuable assistance in this matter.



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    Welcome to the AR forums Ted.

    You're correct about the .col files being for use in the Samples panel. There is a resource folder you may put them in (which you'll find by going to Tools > User Content > Open Users Samples Folder in ArtRage), but it's not mandatory, as may also use the "Load from Disk" feature on the Samples panel menu. The "Load from Disk" option will be under two different areas on the menu, and pertains to your question about having them all available to you each time you open ArtRage. On the Samples panel menu, you'll find an option named "Replace Samples" and an option named "Add Samples", both of which have the options to "Load from Disk" or to "Select from Collection". If you have a number of different .col files and wish to have all of the samples in each of them available at one time, you'll want to use the "Add Samples" option, which allow you to merge the different sample files into the panel for use. I don't recall if the samples will remain there, however. I've grown accustomed to using a .ptg file as my "shortcut" for opening the program, so that it always opens with my preferred size, canvas, and toolbox/workbench options available, which includes any samples I've set up.

    The perspective grids you downloaded were probably meant to be imported to a new layer (or as tracing image, using the "Tracing" Feature). In which case, you'd just use the "File > Import Image File to Layer" option, and use the layer blend modes to overlay it so you could drawn on other layers beneath it, or import via the Tracing panel for a similar working method. Otherwise, they may have been meant for use as Stencils. If that's true, you'd want to use the Stencil panel and its option for importing images (.jpg or .png).
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    Thank you for that comprehensive explanation I will try your suggestions.


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