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Thread: Biocreativity - art + science

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    Biocreativity - art + science

    Hi all

    I donít know about you, but I love reading interviews with artists to find out what motivates them and what's behind their art. Combine that with a dash of science and nature and then I'm really hooked in.

    Over the past few days, Iíve been working my way through an interesting blog that contains interviews with several artist-scientists together with examples of their work.

    Recently on the ArtRage forum there was a post about an artist that did meticulously detailed large scale portraits using pastels, which prompted the comment why not just take a photo instead.

    Having looked at illustrations, for example, by Emily M Eng, and George Venable (see link below), I can now see how scientific illustration is an alternative way to use this incredible type of skill.

    Incidentally there is an explanation why an illustration can be better than a photograph (in relation to insects, at least) on this page celebrating the scientific illustrator, George Venable.

    Note, the second image on the page (a carabid beetle) was created using an early version of Photoshop just using a mouse! How incredible is that.

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    Thank you for those links. I've saved them to browse through in more detail.

    Those large pastels that were so realistic would have been fascinating to look at close up, because each stroke of colour would have said something about the passion, skill and technique of the artist.

    A photo would have none of that.

    The carabid beetle with a mouse is amazing!

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    Neat stuff, though... not sure I have the stomach or bad sense of smell necessary for some of it. LOL. Interesting recycling of life.

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