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Thread: A kind of cell colouring...?

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    A kind of cell colouring...?

    I would like to colour my cartoon drawings in AR2.
    My workflow and setup is always like that:
    • Scanning my drawings.
      Converting them to a black and white drawing.
      Loading it into AR2.
      Copying the drawing into a new layer.
      The idea: Now I can put in color on the bottom layer and the outline stays clean and crisp, because it is on the top layer.

    That is the idea. But I cannot get it to work. I can not get rid of the white colour in the top layer. Any way of deleting it? Or can I prepare my pic before I import it to AR2. (Certain file format or color depth or something?)

    And another question: Is there a way to change one of AR2s brushes so that it is a no-fancy just good-ol pure colour brush? (No anti-aliasing, just colour!) Like we had back with Deluxe Paint, if someone remembers this...
    I liked it.

    And last but not least: Thanx for this fine proggy!

    Bernd Stein, Hamburg

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    To use your scanned image as an outline and keep it above do the following:
    Import your image. Create a new layer. In the layer stack, drag the new layer to beneath your scanned image layer.
    In the layer stack set the Blend Mode of your top layer (the scanned image layer) to be 'Tint'.
    Now select the lower layer - the new empty layer - and colour on that. The black lines of your scanned image will stay black, but the white paper colour should become transparent.

    If you dont like working against transparency, you can edit the paper settings of your lower layer to make the paper opaque.

    Note that you can also set the paper roughness to be 0%, so the tools you use will give more solid colour without breaking up from the paper.
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    Guess what?
    I had an old version... Seeing your nice instructions I realised, that I did not have these menue points in my version.
    Updated right now and made a few tests...
    And: Totally great!
    With this AR2 becomes a productivity tool for me!!!

    Now all it needs is a way to handle a series of pictures easily and we have a perfect tool for coloring animation cells.
    (Until this gets implemented a little "load and save stuff" will do for me.)

    Thank you, again.

    Bernd Stein, Hamburg

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