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    sticker spray

    I can't figure out how to access sticker spray, although I can do individual stickers. In the manual, it directs you to the settings, but the only settings I see
    is for whatever brush or tool is open. Does "stickers" have its own settings panel, and if so where is it? By the way, I'm trying to do long fur on an orangutan
    illustration for a childrens' picture book. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Rita Goldner

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    To get to the settings for Sticker Spray tool press the icon that looks like a foot. It's in the lower left of the screen above the brushes. Once pressed the Sticker sheet panel with appear.

    I posted this in another section (art supplies) but here is a example of how to create a rock sticker.

    1. select sticker spray tool
    2 press the stickers button (foot icon)
    3. In the "sticker sheets" panel that appeared make a new group. Press "Add Group" eg. Rocks
    4. press the "new" button in the top left corner.
    5. In the "New Sticker Sheet" panel that appeared press the empty box under "color" and locate the downloaded image of the rocks.
    6. Name the sticker anything you like. eg Mossy rocks
    7. Press okay
    8. To select the brush open the setting panel for the Sticker Spray and select the correct sheet at the very top of the settings panel.
    9. Adjust the setting under the spray variation button. eg. random scale etc..

    Hope this helps

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