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Thread: ArtRage 4 and SurfacePro UI quirks

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    ArtRage 4 and SurfacePro UI quirks

    Hello, I recently got a SurfacePro and love using ArtRage on it, however, I have noticed that when rotating the canvas it tends to get a little spastic and I find that the canvas doesn't always respond correctly—it tends to rotate after I let go. Has this issue been brought up before in regards to ArtRage and Windows 8 on the SurfacePro?

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    Could you check that you're not using ArtRage 4.0.3? That version implemented a standard Windows cursor function that appears to fail sporadically when the screen is magnified to 150% (the default for Surface Pro). The result is that the input point jumps around and causes the kind of random flickering you're seeing. ArtRage prior to 4.0.3, and ArtRage 4.0.4 use a different Windows function that doesn't appear to have this problem.
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    Yep, running 4.0.4. This bug is different than the 4.0.3 bug. It's like the app isn't registering the pen when rotating the canvas. I'll see if I can get you reproducible steps.

    Love the app as always! It's wonderful on the SurfacePro!!

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