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Thread: Registering my Steam Version of ArtRage in the Member Area

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    Registering my Steam Version of ArtRage in the Member Area

    Hello Art Makers,

    I tried to register my Art Rage 3 as well as my Art Rage 4, which I brought from Steam, in the Member Area but I got "The serial you entered is not valid" message! The serial I used is the one I got with the software in Steam.

    I would be grateful if you help me to solve this problem

    Best Regards,

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Steam serial numbers can't be registered on our website, the latest version is instead supplied by the Steam client.

    If you want to run Artrage without using the steam client, you can do that as we don't require the Steam DRM:

    For Windows:

    -Locate the ArtRage executable in your Steam library

    <installation folder of Steam>/steamapps/common/ArtRage 4/artrage.exe

    You can either run it directly from here or add a shortcut to your desktop, Start menu pointing to artrage.exe in that folder. The default Steam installer which adds shortcuts to your Start menu includes the Steam startup process and some users prefer to run ArtRage independently.

    -You can get your serial number by right clicking ArtRage 4 in your Steam library and choosing 'view CD key'. If you copy this to your clipboard then launch Artrage for the first time, the serial number boxes should be filled out automatically to save you having to enter it manually.

    For OS X:

    1. Open the steam client
    2. Locate ArtRage in the library
    3. Right click it
    4. Select Properties
    5. Go to the Local Files tab
    6. Click Browse Local Files

    The app is there, launch from there or make a shortcut to that file.

    I hope this is of some help.
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    How to do this with Studio 3

    Hello I don't have AR4 yet, I have AR3.5 through Steam. This process you described for Windows didn't work for me. Is that because it only works with AR4?

    Also, will you ever allow registration of Steam purchased copies to the AR Member area? I'd much prefer that (so I guess I shouldn't have bought through Steam, but the sale price was too tempting.)


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    Studio Pro from Steam does currently require Steam DRM, we're looking in to changing that. Registration can't be done in the Member Area currently and we're considering adding it for Steam users but downloads will still be done via the Steam client - You basically get the same services now without registering.
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    Thanks for your reply, I think the solution is staring me right in the face.... upgrade to AR4. Just might have to do that.

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