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Thread: I found this interesting...

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    I found this interesting...

    I found this site with several drawings a guy made with chalk.

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    So many amazing artists in this world.

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    What is the point?

    Some make paintings look like photos. Some make photos look like paintings. What is the point? Making paintings look like paintings and photos like photos interests me more. Still, thank you for the link Gms9810.
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    Amazing! I cannot imagine doing that with pastels. Just avoiding smudging the damn things for a start :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Stahle View Post
    Some make paintings look like photos. Some make photos look like paintings. What is the point?
    I understand where you are coming from when you say that, but try doing that in ArtRage or even with a camera ;-)

    Seriously though, beyond the high level of technical skill and technique, it's the larger than life scale that impresses me as much as anything, in the same way as Ron Mueck's sculptures do.
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    I always found pastels really easy to use but a bitch to preserve. If you spray it with fixative a lot of the colors disappear or at least change drastically. The light colors were most vulnerable. Wonder what he does to display them?

    A lot of people admire tight, photographic paintings. And it does serve as a learning process in that it really teaches how to create very convincing illusions. Fantasy artists especially have exploited such skills to great effect. An artist can definitely discover how subtle deviations from a photograph can really effect vast differences in how a picture reads and when one combines elements from various source photos, it gives the artist skills to make them exist in the same space convincingly. So there's lots of good reasons to learn these chops. But I also agree with Henry in that artists have a whole world of possibilities available to them that tap into areas that photos do not. But not every artist wants to explore those avenues either.

    This artist looks very competent. But it's hard to know the true quality when all we have are small photos on the computer monitor. But these look very competent. Interesting little bio on him below. Sounds like a very intriguing, creative life. Would be surprised if he didn't also get into writing with all his adventures.
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