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Thread: King of the Jungle

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    Jun 2013
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    King of the Jungle

    Hey all!
    Been using ArtRage since I got my Cintiq last year. Even did my first children's book using the program for inking. The program give me the best line control of all the other programs I use.
    Attached is a quick image I did as part of my weekly Illustration Friday drawing exercises. Every week, a word is given on Friday and artists/Illustrator submit their work to share with others.
    I find it's a great way to experiment with ArtRage, using different styles and brushes. The word of the week for this image was WILD.
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    Now those are some scary rabbits, the way they sneak up and pop their heads up just before attacking.

    The last time I kept an open mind,
    my brain fell out and the dog grabbed it.
    Now it's full of dirt, toothmarks, and dog slobber.
    No more open minds or dogs for

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    Fabulous and funny work.

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    I've been asked to stop laughing, because it's annoying...i'll try to stop, but it's hard.

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