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Thread: Does ArtRage 4 support Wacom Art Pen?

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    Does ArtRage 4 support Wacom Art Pen?

    I've tried 4.0 (Demo version), the art pen's barrel rotation feature doesn't seem to work properly, I've heard that 4.0 does support art pen, am I missing anything?

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    It works for the Oil Brush and the Palette Knife (and perhaps others, but I have only tried these two with it). To see it work for the oil brush, change the aspect to something other than 100 in the tool settings for that brush. For the Knife, you have to check the box in the tool settings that says something like "lock rotation".

    I actually got the art pen but don't use it in Windows because there is a bug with the Intuos 5 tablet driver which causes terrible lag on the pen input.

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    There's a "feature" that creates an issue with the artpen currently in AR 4. Basically there's no way to disable pen tilt rotation of the nib, so what happens with the artpen is a doubling of rotation based on how you're holding the pen. Ambient's acknowledged the issues and stated that there will be a fix for disabling the pen tilt at some time, but as of yet said fix has not been released. If this is an issue for you, make sure you let them know so they can make it a priority in development.

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