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Thread: System Crash version 4.0.4

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    System Crash version 4.0.4


    I have artrage 4.04 My system crashed while working on a drawing.

    Is there anyway to recover my work?

    I did see something to the effect of fltmgr.sys if that helps

    I did also just learn about the backup aspect in artrage, I"m thinking that this should be something that artrage has turned on by default.

    Hoping you can help.

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    Sorry to hear you had a problem. That file in the crash message appears to be a Windows component relating to the file system ( “Microsoft Filesystem Filter Manager” ).

    It may be worthwhile checking your disk and any disk related applications in case these are the cause of the crash. I'd recommend searching online for the error/file as from what I can see it's an OS related problem which can be fixed in a variety of ways. It's possible also that this is a one-off problem, I saw a mention of someone restarting the computer and never seeing it again.

    If you crashed while working on a painting and hadn't saved, then any unsaved data will be lost. If you had previously saved, that file will still be available in its original location. if ArtRage itself crashes, it tries to save a file called arrestart.ptg which is then automatically loaded the next time you launch ArtRage ( a prompt appears informing you that there was a problem and asking if you want to load the recovered file ). It's not always possible unfortunately in the event of a crash to save the file, and if the crash happened outside of ArtRage then this file definitely won't have been saved. While it sounds unlikely in this case it may be worthwhile checking - run 'appdata', open 'roaming', 'ambient design' then 'artrage' and if arrestart.ptg exists try opening that. If it contains your painting, save it in a different location.

    The backup system enables you to maintain previous copies of your work, so when you save, the previous version is renamed and still exists on your disk in case a problem occurs during your most recent save. This is not enabled by default as it can be confusing for more basic users. I hope this is of some help.
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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the quick reply. It turned out to be for the best. I redid what I lost and my drawing is turning out better.
    I am a hobbyist that likes to create and was in the middle of a lighthouse and blip all was gone. Turns out the
    crash was generated in fire fox. Had some streaming going on in the background.

    I am curious , With word if this happend I could have gone into the windows temp folder hunted down the temp file and reopen it up and picked up
    from where I left off. When I look at items in the temp folder there are many with the artrage icon. I am assuming the systems knows they were created by artrage
    and yet when I open them I just get a blank page.

    Anyway all is good and thanks again.

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