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Thread: Paper 53

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    Paper 53

    Hopefully someone can answer.
    Sometimes when I close a drawing with paper 53, the previous brush or pen mark appears on the drawing or if I have used the eraser the same thing happens. Sandi

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    Hi and welcome to the forums Sandi
    I fear for your first question here we are going to need a bit more info from you…

    Paper 53? I'm not familiar with that as a canvas choice.
    Are you saying that these "marks" are only visible when you next open the painting but were not there when you had previously closed it?
    Can you provide a screenshot or two of what you are seeing? (Before and afters are always good!)
    Do you use a graphics tablet or a mouse?
    Are you Windows or Mac?
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    Possibly wrong forum.

    Sounds like Sandi may be talking about the "paper" app by fiftythree (can't post a link but just add a dot com)

    If this is the case, check their web page and follow the support link at the bottom. (I find it's easy to make inadvertent strokes in that app due to the way gestures and strokes interact. I seem to remember they had hints in their discussion forums for how to avoid this.)

    Edit: If however Sandi is talking about artrage and paper app causing problems on the same iPad, ie. interacting somehow, it may indeed be a technical issue. Paper has drivers I believe for various third party stylii which could conceivably produce glitches when application switching as the touch handlers hand-off to each other. Just a thought.
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