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Thread: More predefined settings for pencil and pastels

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    More predefined settings for pencil and pastels

    I've been working with Artrage for over two years now and I must say this is the most amazing application I have ever used. I used to make acrilyc paintings, so in Artrage that is the feature I use most often.
    But last week I started an artcourse on coursera and this requires me to use a wider variation in artrage tools. Because the course I'm taking is meant for traditional arts I want to mimic the traditional art way of working and I noticed that there is something missing in the pastel and pencil area.
    I spend a lot of time setting up new pastels and pencils. The current pencil settings are not really good for making sketches imo. I need a range of pencils from H6 to B6, the tips need to be a bit wider than the current pencil settings. The need to be less autosmooth. There is no setting for charcoal, I made this by removing the precise setting (for all of them) but with the charcoal I made it very unprecise, it's still not really charcoal effect though. A special smudge tool and 'eraser' to just lift some of the heavyness in charcoal drawings would be great as well.
    I think it would be really nice to have all this, witht he recognisable names, as default settings.

    For the pastels I downloaded the rembrandt pastel color chart and created a separate brush for each color. This way I can just pick up a colored pastel as I would in rl. No need to pick my own colors. Imo this mimics working with pastels much better than having to pick your color. It would be really cool if when working with pastels I could create a color chart (or just select a default set of colors) and display the palet as a list of pastels chalks on top of the window.

    I guess what I'm trying to say here that artrage mimics working with paint quite well, but working with other mediums, pen, chalk, pencil, ink etc. is a bit different and it would be nice to see that reflected in the tool as well.

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    If you go into , you will find setting and brushes you can use.
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    I've uploaded Sticker Spray presets that I made (stickers and all) that for sketching purposes. You will find the links to download them in the following two threads:
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    Quote Originally Posted by copespeak View Post
    If you go into, you will find setting and brushes you can use.
    !!! oh wow, geez.. wish I realized that PDF existed before combing 20 pages of the art supplies forum basically trying to do what's already done here ahaha!!!

    Awesome... grab some stuff I missed, fun times ahead!

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