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Thread: Artrage 4 demo closes suddenly

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    Artrage 4 demo closes suddenly

    I have downloaded and installed the latest demo of Artrage.
    I am running windows 8 64 bit and a wacom intuos 5 touch.
    The bottom button on my stylus, I have set to right click. I can zoom rotate and pan the canvas very easy this way, but very often Artrage suddenly closes when doing this.
    I have been using sketchbook pro but I am interested in Artrage because I really like some of the tools it offers and navigation seems much faster.
    I would like to make the switch to Artrage if the closing issue were fixed.

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    That button should be mapped to right click by default, we don't seem to get that behavior here but this may help:

    If you're getting a crash when using a tablet function, it's likely that ArtRage is receiving bad data from the tablet driver which is causing a problem. I'd recommend reinstalling your tablet driver software in this manner:

    1/ Download the latest tablet software for your Intuos 5 from
    2/ Uninstall the current tablet software via the Windows control panel ( 'programs and features' ).
    3/ Restart your computer ( worthwhile to ensure a clean update )
    4/ Double click the downloaded tablet installer to install the current tablet driver version.

    After doing this, if you still have problems please email me at and I can do some further troubleshooting with you.
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    I will do that and see what happens.
    That is what I had planned on doing, but wanted to make sure there was not an easier way first.
    Thank you.

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