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Thread: Dynamic splatter

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    Lightbulb Dynamic splatter

    I would love to see a tool for achieving dynamic splatter. This would allow for work done in the abstract expressionist style - in addition to being a lot of fun.

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    I second the motion, would love to see this implemented.

    The way i get around this now, I use the gloop pen, eraser and maybe even a splatter stencil.

    But i'm wondering what kind of math would be involved to create the randomness of the splat.
    Maybe applying a drip effect in that particular tool settings.


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    For a Wacom tablet/pen implementation I suggest the mechanics/UI be implemented (as a default) as follows:

    User holds the stylus grip button (forefinger button on shaft) down, while moving the stylus on the pad, speed and direction are established... to splatter the user lets go of the button, paint and whatnot flicks in a direction and amount based on direction and speed at point of letting go.

    I would also suggest that at the users option splatter continues to emerge for a very small time afterward taking into account further changes in the motion of the pen to allow some shaping.

    This will have the intuitive feel of flicking paint around with the forefinger!


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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkOwnt View Post
    If I could Like this post, I would.

    I definitely want to see a feature that's like flicking paint onto a canvas! I use an old toothbrush with acrylics sometimes to get a random splatter/starry effect and I would adore to see something similar in ArtRage.

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    Look up 'splatters for Photoshop Brushes' and then install them into your sticker Spray. I've got some beauties!

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