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Thread: Flatten All Layers Command

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    Flatten All Layers Command

    Is it possible to have a command to discard all data to bitmap format?
    I love the brush techniques implemented, especially oil brushes. But, sometimes, I don't need to keep that data in the file, or the texture isn't very useful. I know there is a "flatten to bitmap" command in the "color adjust" dialog box. It is very useful. The problem is I sometimes have dozens of layers with wetness and paint thickness info that just isn't useful anymore (being done with that part and not going back to work on it).

    Doing "flatten to bitmap" to every layer manually is very time consuming (my files are large and every command of this type takes from 10sec to 1 minute to complete) and I usually miss a few of them. Merging the layers is not an option either, as I still need to move them around.

    The command could be implemented (just a suggestion) to work differently according to canvas lighting - if it is off, no texture is rendered, if on, texture is rendered. Maybe add it to the layers option menu.

    Thank you for listening!

    PS: If there is such a command already and I just wasted everybody's time, I am forever sorry.

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    Flatten to bitmap doesn't remove the additional data from a layer, it just clears its current content and renders the results of the textures, wetness etc. in to the colour of the layer (which is required in some cases where filters edit one channel only). While flattening them will save some data, there isn't a way to completely remove the additional channels from the layers.

    ArtRage wasn't really designed for that kind of operation, the system relies on the additional data when you paint, but we are looking at some options that might increase performance if your file is large.
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    Thank you for your response, Matt. Really useful info.
    I just realized that, for now, if things get too crowded I can export as PSD and import back into ArtRage, as a clean slate.
    I think that by keeping all the channels the file works faster if I would want to use oils or watercolor over any layer, not needing to convert data or add extra layer data with every new tool choice, so it's a useful thing. One reason I didn't like CorelPainter (at least I think it was Painter, it was 4 years ago when I tried it) was that the program was yelling at me "you can't use water based bla bla on oil layers" and other comical restrictions for a digital tool

    A batch flatten (as is now in the adjust color dialog) option is all I hope for, then. No need to transform the program into PS or other mate painting software, taking its charm and realism away.

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