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Thread: Just Bought a Wacom Bamboo Splash

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    Just Bought a Wacom Bamboo Splash

    I just bought a Wacom Bamboo splash today. I'm using a Macbook Air and as you may know they do not have an optical drive. All that is on the back of my software bundle CD is a Key for ArtRage3 Studio. Does anyone know where I can download the software with this key code? Thank you

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    I don't think you can still get Art Rage 3. Wait for one of the AR experts to come on line, they will help for sure.

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    No problem, you can download the latest version of Studio from our website directly via the member area at

    Here's how:

    - Click 'create account' and follow the instructions if you haven't done so before
    - Log in, click 'register' and enter your serial number then click 'save'
    - You should now see your serial number listed on the same page with a download button beneath.

    Click the download button then choose the OS X version to download.

    When the download is complete, double click the file.

    If you have any problems or questions feel free to email me directly at and I'll be glad to help.
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