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Thread: Paint flow problem with non transparent stencil

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    Paint flow problem with non transparent stencil

    Hi - this is my first post and I'm a beginner using AR.. so thanks in advance for your patience! And, I am not a painter!
    I have difficulty painting using stencils that have gradations of transparency rather than pure white. The paint from the brush stroke is only a single splat on a partially transparent part. I cannot paint a flowing brush stroke starting within the stencil. I must start outside the stencil (where it is essentially pure white) and then flow into the stencil. If I don't want to apply paint outside the stencil, this approach doesn't work.
    Hope this is clear... Thank you.

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    I seem to be able to do that without needing to go outside the stencil here so can you let me know the following:

    1/ An example stencil from ArtRage's standard stencils where this happens
    2/ The tool you're using e.g. the oil brush
    3/ What colour the stencil appears on your screen ( should be a pinkish red )
    4/ Does it happen in a new painting on a single layer with the same stencil?
    5/ What version of Artrage you're using.
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