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Thread: Paper question

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    Paper question

    Hi Folks!

    I intend to make some prints, but can't find a proper paper for my

    Does anybody know a source where you I buy fine art inkjet paper
    which is tones in a light brown tone (ivory?), so the prints look old?

    I have only found Mi-Teintes, but that is much too much yellow.

    I tried regular deckle edged paper, but the ink is sucked into the
    paper too much, so fine details were gone.

    In Europe several papermills offer strucktures fine art paper with
    a special surface for inkjet printers - they work quite well, but they
    always try to make their paper as white as possible and no one
    offers an ivory tone.

    Once I saw an US site, which offered light brown antique looking
    paper, but I lost the link.

    I am looking for a tone like the second paper from the right side.

    Does anybody have an idea where to find such paper?
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    I do not know where you can find such paper, but if you can find a white version you could try soaking the paper in a pale tea and letting it dry. It should tint the paper to an appropriate color based on how dark the tea is. If you use boards to keep it flat the boards will soak up excess wetness and should keep the paper from crinkling. I believe you can find better directions if you did an internet search on tinting paper by hand or something like that.

    Sorry I wish I had a better idea for you.

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    Try here:

    I don't know if this is what you want?

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    "proper paper for my printer" Gives me a headache just saying it.

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    Soaking your paper would cause buckling, unless you stretched it properly to dry, and most likely would remove the 'size' off it, so it would maybe absorb the ink too much.

    Why can't you begin with an old coloured background, work onto that and print normally? If you want the paper colour outside your work, expand your canvas to the extent of your print paper.

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