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Thread: Products on Sale by ArtRageus Magazine on Zazzle

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    Products on Sale by ArtRageus Magazine on Zazzle

    Hi Guys,

    I thought it may help us get some donations by offering our logo on T-Shirts and Caps and just about anything
    on Zazzle at*

    All of the profits go to the Pro Art Contest Prizes and Cash Awards. At least this way you get something in return for your buck beside just making a donation. It also promotes the Magazine and ArtRage. Curious minds will want to know more when they see them. It all helps and is worthwhile.

    I do want to keep the Pro Art Contest going but funds are not there to do so yet. The June 1 Contest is covered. As sponsors are 0 besides ArtRage that is not enough to continue. We will have about $50 left after this months contest. SO, we have to wait until we have enough $$$ to do just cash awards for the next possible contest. Unless we receive at least $100 in donations before May 27 so I can advertise it in the June 1 Issue I won't be able to guarantee any awards or contest before our Sept 1 Issue.

    I hope that you enjoy the Pro Art Contest and contribute a submission and support it. If not we will do what we can when we can. It is up to all of us to make this Contest continue to work for us all

    Name:  customize_this_product_hat-rf076fbcd096044c99301fcbb89ca38b5_v9wqd_8byvr_380.jpg
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Size:  29.8 KBName:  our_t_shirt_logo-r8bbc39e9d1fd4611a2a2c76fcba33a51_vjfe7_380.jpg
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    I will update this post with any new information as I have it. Keep checking.
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    I forgot to mention a few things:

    On Zazzle, you select the things you want to buy with our logo. The current logo is gold. I can change colors, text and add any personal words you like.

    Please do so here:

    Let me know what you would like and i will make it and upload it for you to use on your choice of items.

    Please be advised that the logo "ArtRage" belongs to Ambient Design Ltd. and is we can not use it.

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