Hi all you Ragers

Well, it is getting close to the submissions deadline for the JUNE 1st Issue of ArtRageus Magazine. MAY 25th is the absolute deadline for all submissions and our 1st ever PRO (ArtRage Art) ART CONTEST.

We have 1 x entry for the Pro Art Contest (so far). 2 x entries in the Artist Portal. 0 x entries for the challenge. 3 x artist Articles/stories.

Also, we do not have enough donations to make another Pro Art Contest as yet. If not by May 28th it will be canceled until we do. Lets try to help it keep going Ragers if we can. I have tried my best to get Wacom to sponsor it but they do not seem to be interested, after 3 years of free advertising for them so I am dropping them completely and will no longer support nor promote their products. Go figure. Sorry I tried my best.

If you plan on submitting anything, please get it in as soon as possible. Please read the guidelines: www.artrageus.net

Also....ArtRageus Magazine has a Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Artra...2710708?ref=hl

The Challenge is: in the ArtRageus Magazine Calendar ......you can download it from www.artrageus.net

So here we go.....into another packed Issue of ArtRageus Magazine Year 4

Don't forget we also do FLIP page versions......also downloadable on the website.

This month I had 3 volunteers to assist with finding artists and art. Thanks to them..... we will have a super great Issue. They had to dig the net for non -forum and forum artists. Thank you volunteers, you are true Ragers. Submissions for the Artist Portal and Challenge are not asked for personally so if you want to be included......please submit your art. TO: bobbyray@artrageus.net

Thank you for your support and interest in ArtRageus Magazine

See ya soon Ragers
Robert "Bobbyray" Howle